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Man forced to pay double in court-ordered child support

There are many types of parents in Florida. There are parents who are a daily presence in their child’s life. There are also parents who desperately want to have such a presence but can’t due to family conflict or work obligations. Many of these parents work to support their children financially. One out-of-state man claims that, even though he has met his court-ordered financial obligations to his daughter by paying child support, he is being double-billed for the support.

The man is expecting a child with his current wife. His wife has recently quit her job, and he has obtained a second part-time job. He claims that he works approximately 65 hours each week to take care of his family and that the full amount of child support he is required to pay, approximately $105 a week or $457 a month, is taken from the paycheck he receives from his full-time job.

Unfortunately, the Tennessee man claims that the wages for his part-time job are also now being garnished, in excess to what the court has ordered him to pay. He and his current wife claim that he is being forced to pay an additional $190 every two weeks. He reports that he received no help from the local child support office when he contacted them. However, the same question posed by a local news organization got an immediate response from the state.

The state claims that wage garnishment on wages from a second job should not happen if the parent has met his or her child support obligations. It stated that it would put an immediate stop request on the garnishment of the wages from the man’s second job. However, this same scenario happened to the man last year when he began a second job. He is not hopeful that he will be reimbursed for the overpayment.

The procedures surrounding the child support process may be complicated and confusing for those who do not work with it every day. By having assistance from one who is experienced with Florida family law, a non-custodial parent could avoid a similar situation or more easily seek redress. While the best interests of a child must be kept in the forefront of all action, it is also important that all parties are treated fairly and according to a judge’s ruling.

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