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Man from Florida accused of owing thousands in child support

Generally, when a child is conceived, two people must assume responsibility for that child, and that responsibility is a great one. The child needs both the emotional and financial support throughout his or her lifetime to allow him or her to become successful in society. As a result, family courts, in many instances, require people to fulfill their financial obligations to their children by ordering them to pay child support. Failure to do so could result in serious consequences, as one man from Florida is learning.

An order of commitment had been signed regarding the 52-year-old man in early July. He ultimately turned himself in to authorities in mid-July. The man is believed to be over $225,000 behind in child support.

In addition to the missing child support, the man was at one point facing federal prosecution for crossing state lines to avoid payment. According to the order, he must pay the missing support payments or spend 60 days in jail. It is unclear how many children may be affected by the missing payments.

Unfortunately, life is filled with unexpected circumstances that may, at times, prevent a person from fulfilling his or her responsibilities. However, in most cases, simply ignoring these responsibilities can result in serious repercussions. When a child is involved, the impact of failing to meet a responsibility must be considered. In Florida, judges will often consider an unexpected and substantial change of financial circumstances, such as a lost job, when a request for child support modification is made. By being upfront with the court, a parent ordered by the court to make such payments could potentially avoid the possible consequences of failing to do so.

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