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Man from Florida charged with failure to pay child support

It is expensive to raise children. There are doctor’s visits, both for sick children and preventative care, dental care and child care. These are just the basic care that all children need and doesn’t take into account extracurricular activities or school-related fees. It is difficult for one person to meet all the financial responsibilities of raising a child, which is why it is important that noncustodial parents fulfill any court-ordered child support requirements. Unfortunately, one Florida business owner was recently arrested on federal charges after accusations that he owes thousands in back support in another state.

Reports indicate that the 51-year-old man was ordered to pay $3,000 a month in 2008. However, officials claim that, over the period of approximately six years, the man became approximately $158,000 behind in payments. He was recently charged with failing to pay child support and was arrested.

To make matters worse, it is claimed that the man has the assets available to make the payments for the benefit of his children. They reside with their mother in New York. He and his current wife reportedly own several businesses in Florida. If convicted, he could face up to two years in a federal prison.

Occasionally, personal animosities can cause friction and contention between parents who are divorced or separated. However, it is important for a noncustodial parent to realize the effect their failure to make court-ordered child support payments could have on their children. It could not only be detrimental to their physical well-being, but it could also damage the parental relationship. For those parents owing child support in Florida who have undergone a substantial change of circumstances that limits their ability to make payments through no fault of their own, they do have the option of seeking a child support modification before the appropriate court. By doing so, they can avoid serious consequences, including arrest and possible imprisonment.

Source: Mid-Hudson News, “Florida man arrested as deadbeat dad in Orange County, NY child support case“, , May 8, 2014