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Man held due to large amount of delinquent support

While a Florida businessman and his current wife bought land in the state and developed it, his former wife and children went without the support they were to receive. The man has been placed in the Orange County jail and bail set at $25,000.

The 51-year-old man was accused of not paying $450,000 in spousal and child support, obligations that accumulated over a period of several years. In a separate case, he is also charged with owing $160,000 in back child support payments in a separate federal case file in New York.

In a case like this one, based on the amount of money that is due to his ex-wife and children, it looks like the man may have been avoiding the support payments for many years. As a real estate developer, he may not be employed by a company that pays him a regular paycheck. He may be self-employed or own his own company. In that case, there is not a third party who can be required to withhold money from each paycheck and submit to the court for distribution to the ex-wife and children.

In addition, the man has been charged in both Florida and New York. If the man is moving from place to place, he may be difficult to track in order for the court to intervene and require that he be caught up with his child support payments. Many states will suspend the drivers licenses of delinquent parents. Other methods used include a denial of passport issuances or renewals, and bank account levies.

Source:, “Florida man jailed for not paying $452K in NY child support“, June 23, 2014