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Marc Anthony’s child support payments doubled

Children rely heavily on their parents to meet their basic needs. Even if just one parent has custody of the children, the law requires that both parents contribute to the children’s financial needs. The amount to be paid by the noncustodial parent on a regular basis is up to a judge in Florida, and the judge can also modify a parent’s child support amounts if a change in his or her financial situation warrants this. One well-known entertainer was just ordered to double his child support payments in another state.

Marc Anthony, a popular singer, was paying his ex-wife $13,000 per month. Now, he will be paying Dayanara Torres a whopping $26,000 each month. This order from the judge came after the woman demanded more money for their two children.

Torres really requested over $100,000 per month, claiming that Anthony had a much larger fortunate than he previously admitted. She claimed that the singer spent more than $300,000 each year on girlfriends, friends and family members. Anthony, however, said he didn’t want to pay such a large sum each month for fear that it would spoil the kids. Torres additionally had her annual vacation allowance paid by Anthony doubled — it’s now $12,000 each year.

If two parents can’t agree on how to deal with child support, a court will intervene and make a final decision for the pair. The judge will examine the earnings of both parents to figure out what monthly amount is most appropriate for caring for their shared kids, based upon guidelines that are defined by Florida law. It’s worth noting that an individual has the right to petition a court for child support payments to be modified if he or she feels the amount needs to be adjusted at some point in Florida, though it must be based upon a substantial change in financial circumstances.

Source: Fox News Latino, “Marc Anthony must double child support to Dayanara Torres“, , June 13, 2014