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Mom’s alleged drug use affects child custody ruling

Most parents want what is in the best interest of their children. Unfortunately, their chidren’s best interests may be difficult for parents in Florida and across the country to determine if they have experienced a contentious divorce. One case has recently shown the importance of being truthful in court when parents are unable to come to a child custody agreement on their own. Lisa Mehos, a woman whose child custody case became national news after her post-divorce abortion was brought up in court, has recently lost her bid for custody after the judge claimed Mehos lied to the court about her drug use.

The judge ruled that the children’s father should be the primary caregiver. In her ruling, the judge claims that her decision was due to the mother’s abuse of prescription drugs and her attempts to hide it from the court. While Mehos claims that she began taking antidepressants after her divorce, which took place in 2011, records indicate that she actually began in 2006. Additionally, it appears that she was prescribed a variety of different antidepressants by almost 30 different doctors over the course of the last six years.

The judge’s ruling further claims that Mehos’s drug use jeopardizes the safety of the two children at the heart of the case, even citing an incident in which Mehos apparently passed out on a flight, leaving the children unattended on the plane. As a result of the ruling, the children’s father, banker Manuel Mehos, can move the children with him out-of-state, but must pay for his former wife’s travel expenses to visit them. A representative for the mother claims they will appeal the ruling.

Many parents in Florida experience extraordinary circumstances that they must overcome in order to be the best parent possible to their children. However, it is important that all parties are open and honest with the court about their struggles. In this case, the judge felt that the child’s mother was deliberately dishonest with the court, which impacted her decision regarding child custody.

Source: New York Daily News, “EXCLUSIVE: Mom whose post-divorce abortion was used against her in custody battle loses kids over pill popping“, Dareh Gregorian, March 21, 2014