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Money laundering and more charges against alleged online gambler

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement arrested a man who they believe is responsible for Internet crimes spanning the nation. The man is accused of heading an online gambling ring that dealt in hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Florida man faces charges including money laundering and other white collar crimes.

The investigators suspect that the man’s website profited from illegal sports bets. The man supposedly used bank accounts that he controlled through commercial banks. He also purportedly recruited certain gamblers, called “agents,” to help him form new bets. If someone lost a bet and did not pay the debt in a timely manner, the man would allegedly use these agents to threaten the losers with violence.

The investigation reportedly began a year ago when the authorities were able to find a confidential informant who was indebted to the man for $18,000. The informant was supposedly able to move back up the ranks in the organization, and the informant became an agent. The informant wore a wire to meet with the man several times. The details of the man’s arrest were not made publicly accessible, but he is currently in custody on a $245,000 bond at the Lee County Jail.

The Florida man faces multiple charges of money laundering, extortion and racketeering for his alleged online illegal gambling ring. However, in white collar Internet crimes — particularly those that span a wide geographic area — it can be hard to pinpoint who exactly is responsible for which purported crimes. The man must now focus on the specifics of the accusations against him as he begins to form his criminal defense against his charges.

Source:, “FDLE arrests head of online gambling ring“, Steve Doane, April 16, 2014