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Movement requests recognition of fathers’ rights

There are many types of parent across the country. There are parents who see their children every day, those who never see their children, as well as those parents who are desperate to spend more time with their children but are unable to due to a court order. Some people in Florida seeking more fathers’ rights are begging the state legislature to help fathers spend more time with their children.

Last year, legislature that would have addressed equal parenting time in Florida — excluding certain situations such as domestic violence — was never approved. Proponents of the law, including one man who says he is only allowed to see his children every other weekend, claim that decisions regarding the best interest of children should be made by parents, as opposed to judges who may sometimes be led by their own biases. A national movement attempting to ensure equal parenting time for fathers has even launched.

Opponents, including the National Organization for Women, labored to kill the bill. This organization claims that any legislation requiring or strongly recommending equal parenting time is a one-size-fits-all approach that ignores each family’s individual needs and circumstances. Despite the squashing of the bill, the issue doesn’t appear to be disappearing anytime soon.

While even the debate between the two sides of fathers’ rights can become overcome by emotion, discussions and negotiations regarding parenting time do not necessarily have to be contentious. Many parents in Florida are able to come together to agree to an acceptable compromise to protect the best interests of their children. However, there are legal options available for parents who would like more time with their children.

Source:, “Divorced dads disagree with state family court system“, Matt Galka, June 13, 2014