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Online divorce: Does easy make it a good idea?

Want a burrito bowl? Order online and pick it up at your local burrito purveyor. If you’ve entered in all the necessary information you probably don’t even have to go through check-out. Just walk in at the appointed time and pick up your order. What could be easier?

It is amazing what we are able to do because of the Internet. E-commerce is now so prevalent that some now wonder what a catastrophe it will be if the electronic infrastructure it requires crashes.

But ease and convenience have their limits in some areas of life. Divorce in Florida is one that perhaps stands out from the rest. 

Even in the most amicable of situations the process can become complicated by emotions and disagreements. Where issues of child custody and support come into play, the dynamics may be especially hard to deal with. An attorney’s help is always advised.

Despite all that, there are some online entrepreneurs who attempt to hold out the promise that if you can find your soul mate online, you should be able to divorce them with the help of the same technology.

One such operation is called Wevorce. Founded by a lawyer and her ex-husband business partner, Wevorce says it looks to make divorce less painful. CEO Michelle Crosby says she and her ex drew on their own experience of divorcing after 10 years to come up with the model for their service. The service is only available on the West Coast.

To its credit the company’s website doesn’t dismiss the idea that divorce is a difficult time. But what Wevorce says it seeks to do is serve a neutral provider of helpful tools that can assist couples through their divorce more efficiently and at lower cost. It claims that simple software guides the process, ensuring that all the right issues are raised and the right paperwork is processed.

At the same time, though, the site makes clear there is no one-size-fits-all solution available. Everything depends on a couple’s unique set of circumstances and their willingness to find collaborative resolutions to their issues.

That may well leave some asking, so what does that technology do again?

Source: Fast Company, “Now You Can File For Divorce Online With Wevorce, The H&R Block Of Nasty Breakups,” Tony Castle, April 17, 2014