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Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr remain respectful

Florida readers may be interested in the developments in Orlando Bloom’s life since his divorce from Miranda Kerr. Following a three-year marriage, the couple split up last fall but remain friendly in the best interest of their 3-year-old son.

In a recent article, Bloom said that he had felt rudderless for a while following the divorce but now is feeling that he has set a course once again and is at the beginning of something. He recognizes that Kerr will always be part of his life, and they respect each other because their son will feel that mutual respect.

Bloom, who is 37, would also like his son to be educated in Britain, which is where he is from. Now that he is a single dad, Bloom is ready to settle down, give up his globetrotting lifestyle and have more input and influence in his son’s life. Kerr, who is 30 and Australian, is enjoying being single once again.

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr have worked out a courteous working relationship following their split. Not every divorce results in such a friendly rapport between the ex-spouses. Sometimes, couples can work out divorce issues without the assistance from outsiders. For others, it may be helpful to use the support of a mediator. At times, the mediator will help the couple work through all the issues to be resolved in the course of the divorce. At other times, divorce mediation will only be needed for an issue or two that the couple does not seem to be able to resolve on their own.

Source: ABC, “Orlando Bloom Talks Life Post-Split From Miranda Kerr“, Luchina Fisher, March 31, 2014