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Paul George requests to move child custody case to Florida

For some fathers, there is nothing more precious than their little girl. From the moment they first lay eyes on their daughter, they are immediately wrapped around their finger. Basketball star Paul George has recently found himself embroiled in a child custody case with a woman who claims to be the mother of his infant daughter. The case is currently paused, as it is decided whether it should be moved to Florida, where the couple first met.

In recent court papers, George has requested sole custody of his daughter if paternity testing proves he is the child’s father. The child’s mother, Daniela Rajic, claims prenatal testing has already proven paternity, but George questions the accuracy of those tests. If new testing proves he is the father, he is requesting sole custody with limited parenting time for the child’s mother.

George argues that he has the means to provide for the child, whereas Rajic is unable or unwilling to seek employment to support her and the child. Rajic has filed her own papers in New York, where she is currently living with family members. She has also requested sole custody.

Due to the nature of romantic relationships, some parents have difficulty co-parenting their children after the end of the relationship. Some people in Florida may require additional guidance in seeking what they feel fulfills the best interests of their children. Anyone who feels their child’s needs may be better met with a different child custody plan than has been proposed or is in effect has the right to address their concerns in a family court. In the end, the court will be guided by what it determines to be the child’s best interests.

Source: Indianapolis Star, “Pacers’ Paul George seeks sole custody of child“, , June 30, 2014