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Prenuptial agreement can protect assets in the event of divorce

Most residents of Florida recognize the probability of being involved in a car accident, and therefore they have car insurance. Similarly, considering the high divorce rate, the probability of divorce is a reality. For this reason, couples need not shy away from creating their own peace of mind by drawing up a prenuptial agreement.

Younger couples may enter into a marriage without significant assets, and they may feel that they do not need a prenuptial agreement. However, substantial assets may be obtained throughout their marriage, and some of these assets may need protection. In such cases, there is the option of a postnuptial agreement, which is a legal document that can be drawn up after the wedding.

Many couples get married at a higher age, or it could be a second marriage with each spouse having considerable assets already. The best way to ensure that an individual’s assets are protected in the event of a divorce is to draw up a prenuptial agreement. Included in the agreement could be heirlooms, property, business assets and investments, along with future inheritances, retirement funds and savings.

Some Florida couples may want to discuss prenuptial agreements as soon as their relationship gets serious. It has no bearing on the longevity of a marriage and should not be left for the last moment. It may be beneficial to gain the necessary information relating to the legalities of these agreements to ensure that they will hold up in court in the event of a divorce.

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