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Prenuptial agreements addressing social media can help in divorce

An increasing number of people in recent years have considered getting prenuptial agreements before they say “I do” in their weddings. Prenuptial agreements are ideal for soon-to-be-married individuals in Florida who are seeking to safeguard their assets in the event of a subsequent divorce. A new phenomenon regarding these agreements involves including a clause regarding social media use.

In prenuptial agreements today, a person may hold a spouse accountable for infidelity by including a clause that states that a cheating individual must pay his or her spouse for being unfaithful. This type of clause is especially popular in Hollywood, where extramarital affairs are not uncommon. However, now many celebrities also want to include clauses in their agreements that state that two divorcing individuals cannot smear each other on social media, which can cause significant damage to someone’s reputation.

Such a clause addressing social media can also help when a spouse’s failure to abide by the clause provides documentation of that individual’s apparent lack of self-control. This may be a relevant factor in any child custody litigation. An effective prenuptial agreement is fair and mutual.

If a married couple didn’t put together this type of agreement before getting married, a postnuptial agreement can accomplish the same thing after the ceremony. Others who find themselves confronting a Florida divorce without either form of agreement can still try to come to an agreement on how to divide their property and deal with issues such as alimony at the negotiation table. If the parties are simply not able to come to an agreement, a judge will help them to resolve their issues, although the final outcome of the divorce may not be to their liking.

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