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Prenuptial agreements encourage communication rather than divorce

Most Florida couples who are planning their wedding do not like to think about the possibility of the marriage not working out. They are in love and planning their future life together. For some of these couples, a prenuptial agreement should be a part of this plan. Rather than plan for a divorce, a prenuptial agreement can open the door to communication on such topics as assets, debts, spending habits and children from a previous relationship.

For older couples, it is likely that the two individuals already have some assets and liabilities prior to their marriage. A prenuptial agreement details what assets and liabilities will be considered marital property and what should remain as personal property. Additionally, the prenuptial agreement can stipulate alimony terms and other financial considerations. This is especially important if one of the spouses enters the marriage with considerably more assets than the other.

Another consideration is the existence of children from a previous relationship. A prenuptial agreement can establish what these children are entitled to in the event of the death of a parent. This agreement sets the stage for communicating on issues regarding the children right from the beginning.

Planning a wedding also entails planning a future life. Part of this life planning needs to include planning for unforeseen circumstances. While many Florida couples who are planning their wedding do not even want to consider the possibility of the marriage not lasting due to death or divorce, it is a possibility that should be considered. A prenuptial agreement can be viewed as a communication tool that protects their future.

Source:, Plan your divorce before your wedding day, Jim Gallagher, Feb. 23, 2014