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Shared child custody getting more attention in Florida, nation

Two parents who are at odds and make the decision to divorce in Florida may stress over how to adequately split marital assets and property. These assets may include the marital home, as well as bank accounts and retirement savings. However, the pair may also be in disagreement over child custody. Many politicians today are pushing for legislation that allows divorcing parents to share equal custody of their children.

The push is occurring because many people feel that a child is benefited the most when he or she spends equal amounts of time with each of his or her parents. They believe that custody should not be awarded to just one parent, unless the other parent has problems with abuse. Ultimately, a judge should determine what is best for the child or children of a divorce.

Part of the reason for more emphasis being placed on shared custody is that more men are assuming the role of caretaker as gender roles morph in modern society. In addition, many surveyed Americans embrace the idea. Many non-custodial parents feel that they lack the power they deserve to help to make decisions about their children.

A Florida court makes child custody decisions on a case-by-case basis in divorce situations. The court considers the kids’ welfare and then comes up with a solution that is in their best interests. Factors that impact the judge’s final determination include a child’s relationship with both parents as well as the health of both parents. Regardless of the details of any divorce, both divorcing parents certainly have a right to pursue child custody in Florida.

Source: USA Today, Shared parenting could be new divorce outcome, Jonathan Ellis, Jan. 27, 2014