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Sherri Shepherd files for divorce from Lamar Sally

Separation is sometimes the first step toward divorce in Florida. In a recent out-of-state case, a man’s legal separation filing led the estranged wife to file divorce papers just days later. This situation involves a high-profile couple: Sherri Shepherd and her soon-to-be-ex, Lamar Sally.

Shepherd is a co-host on “The View” and has been married to Sally, a television writer, for three years. The 47-year-old woman decided to file for divorce, claiming that the couple had irreconcilable differences. She is expecting a child with Sally via surrogacy, but did not mention this in her filing. She therefore may not pursue custody of their coming child.

A surrogate is expected to have the child in July. Sally has requested full physical and legal custody of this unborn child. According to the pair’s prenuptial agreement, Sally is supposed to receive $60,000. However, he is seeking for the agreement to be invalidated due to fraud. Shepherd, however, would like the prenuptial agreement to remain enforced.

The two got married in 2011; it was Shepherd’s second marriage. A prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can be helpful, as it clearly delineates who will get which assets and property following a divorce proceeding. Even if there is no agreement between the married couple, the two can still try to negotiate on these matters so that they both walk away from the divorce as satisfied as possible. If a Florida judge has to address the situation, one or both parties may not end up with the property and assets they really wanted.

Source:, “Sherri Shepherd Responds to Lamar Sally Divorce Papers With Own Filing“, Evelyn Diaz, May 13, 2014