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Sherri Shepherd victorious in child custody battle over son

People in Florida may be interested to learn that television personality Sherri Shepherd recently won a legal fight with Jeff Tarpley, her ex, over who would get physical custody of their son. Their son is 9 years old. In this out-of-state child custody case, a judge recently ruled that Shepherd would keep physical custody of the boy.

Tarpley had requested temporary custody of their son, accusing his ex-wife of neglecting their child. He said that she had made bad parenting choices in addition to failing to address their son’s immediate needs. Tarpley added that Shepherd’s alleged neglect of their son was due to her difficult work schedule.

The judge, however, said that no material change had occurred in circumstances to warrant his getting custody of the boy. Shepherd continues to be in a separate custody battle involving the unborn child she is having with another ex, Lamar Sally. They are expecting the baby via a surrogate.

Two divorcing individuals in Florida have the option of coming to an agreement on child custody through mediation, which involves using a neutral third party to help with creating a plan for parenting the couple’s children after divorce. However, if the two parties can’t agree on who will get custody of their shared kids, the court will have to step in and decide for them. The judge will take into consideration the preferences of each parent as well as the children’s specific desires. In addition, the court will look at the relationships that the kids have with both parents. Both parents have the right to pursue their personal wishes while most importantly keeping in mind their children’s best interests.

Source:, “Sherri Shepherd Maintains Physical Custody of 9-Year-Old Son, Tweets Keep the Prayers Coming“, Lily Harrison and Claudia Rosenbaum, July 22, 2014