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Should divorced parents in Florida consider shared parenting?

Despite the challenges of raising a child, the relationship between a parent and child can be irreplaceable and one that people will fight to protect. Because of this, parents in Florida can struggle enormously when they feel as though their parental rights are in danger.

That is often how people feel when they are going through a divorce and the subject of child custody comes up. In some cases, parents can get scared that they will lose that connection to their child and a fierce custody battle can break out. But rather than think about losing custody or losing control, parents might want to think of this situation in a different way.

According to a recent report, shared parenting is quickly gaining favor in states across the U.S. Instead of assigning one parent primary custody or legal power in the event of a divorce, some judges are favoring equal custody, or shared parenting, arrangements. In these situations, parental responsibilities are divided equally between two parents. Advocates for this arrangement argue that a child benefits significantly when they are able to have a stable and loving relationship with each of their parents equally.

Besides the fact that shared parenting could have a dramatically positive impact on the kids, it could also work in the parents’ favor as well. At first, it would not be surprising for moms and dads to oppose this arrangement. After all, aren’t we used to hearing that child custody arrangements are supposed to be inconvenient, bitter and unsatisfying for parents?

But the truth is that not all custody disputes need to be this way. Even when two parents no longer get along with each other, they generally both want what is best for their child. By dividing parenting time equally, parents can continue to raise a child together and they won’t have to shoulder the anxiety of raising a child all alone. Not only could it be in the child’s best interests, but it could also give parents the balance and support that they need as well.

What do you think? Could equal custody be a good solution for Florida families? 

Source: Florida Today, “Shared parenting could be new divorce outcome,” Jan. 28, 2014