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Some men feel cheated in child custody situations

Although fighting over who will keep the house or get the family dog can be emotionally painful when going through a Florida divorce, fighting over who will get to keep the children may be even more disheartening. When people think about child custody, they sometimes immediately think that the mom in the situation will most likely end up with the kids. Recently, many fathers have started a movement to challenge the thinking that moms should have more rights, compared with dads.

One high-profile case involving child custody right now is between the actor, Jason Patric, and his ex-girlfriend. The couple conceived a child via in vitro fertilization. However, a judge previously said that Patric had no paternal rights. Now, Patric is fighting hard to get to see his son, who is 4 years old.

Bode Miller, an Olympic skier, recently also challenged his girlfriend’s move to a different state after she became pregnant with their child. Many men today appear to be angry about not getting to keep their kids after going through divorce court. They prefer to be involved in rearing their kids rather than simply paying child support and seeing the child every couple of weekends. Many feel that courts are biased toward moms.

Both parents usually have an equal right to keep the kids they share. Still, the final determination of child custody is in the hands of the court, which will make its decision based on the best interests of the child. The two parents may rightfully seek their own child custody rights in Florida, keeping in mind what home situation will ultimately be the healthiest for their offspring.

Source: Dallas Morning News, “Custody battles pivot on income, not gender“, Hanna Rosin, May 14, 2014