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Special-needs children require care during divorce in Florida

A Florida couple who wishes to dissolve their marriage and move on with their lives can easily get so wrapped up in their divorce that they forget about how their children are being affected. Paying attention to how the children react to impending separation is important, as kids can be impacted by a divorce for years. Children with special needs are particularly sensitive to the effects of divorce, and a few tips may offer some strategies to help these children cope with the situation.

First, it is unwise to blame the special-needs child for the divorce. Although caring for such a child may cause stress, the real problem might be that the parents simply lacked the support and resources needed to adequately address the child’s special needs. In addition, because a special-needs child can easily be affected by other people’s moods, it may help to keep displays of anxiety and anger to a minimum when around the child.

It is also helpful to encourage the child to maintain a normal life amid the chaos that often accompanies divorce. This includes making sure that the child continues to receive the attention and care he or she requires. The less a child’s living situation is altered during a divorce, the better he or she will handle the transition that comes with it.

The decision to get divorced certainly can have a long-term impact on the pair’s children. However, the couple can choose to approach all aspects of a Florida divorce, including child custody and child support, with the best interests of the children in mind. Doing so may help the kids to bounce back more quickly and to remain as emotionally healthy as possible under the circumstances.

Source: The Huffington Post, Divorce and the Child With Special Needs, Marie Hartwell-Walker, Feb. 3, 2014