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State Supreme Court decides same-sex custody battle

The Florida Supreme Court ruled in favor of providing custody rights to a woman who provided an egg cell to her partner so that the two might have a child. As an outcome of the ruling, the lower court has actually been purchased to exercise concerns connected to kid support and visitation rights between the females. The custody problem occurred after the same-sex couple separated and the woman who gave birth left the country with their child.

After the lady and child were located by a private investigator, the biological mother demanded custody rights. The birth mom said that sperm and egg contributors in the state of Florida have no adult rights as they are obliged to sign a contract and provide up all future claims on kids born as a result of these contributions. Based upon this argument, a lower court judge ruled in favor of the birth mother, but the biological mother was urged to appeal.

The Florida Supreme Court rescinded the ruling based on the fact that the biological mom was not a confidential contributor and that the ladies clearly intended to raise the kid together, a minimum of at first. This was proven by the joint counseling sessions attended by the couple to prepare the women to be parents and the use of a hyphenated surname in the birth statement.

Now that the biological mother has custody rights, she might have to pay child support. The amount she will be needed to pay will be based upon a preset formula by the state, however there are certain reductions that can be made to make sure that her support commitments are equitable.

Source: Fox Information, “Florida Supreme Court works out lesbian custody struggle“, November 08, 2013