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Tamra Barney involved in child custody dispute

Two people getting a divorce often fight over the house or other assets they both would like to keep. However, fighting over shared children also is common, and the children may end up emotionally affected as a result of such a situation in Florida. One high-profile celebrity in another state currently is faced with a child custody situation with her ex-husband.

The celebrity is Tamra Barney, a star on the “Real Housewives of Orange County,” and she argues that she should be able to remain in their children’s lives. She recently described her ex, Simon Barney, as vengeful. This came following Simon’s filing for sole custody of the three kids they share.

Simon said he was seeking sole custody due to child neglect on Tamra’s part. For example, he claimed that their kids did not get needed urgent medical attention, hygienic care or healthy meals. He also said the children’s attendance and school work became progressively worse. However, Tamra said that if he tries to cut her off from their kids, their relationships will only suffer into adulthood.

Tamra, who is 46, emphasized on social media that research shows that a child of divorced parents is the healthiest psychologically if he or she can develop strong relationships with both parents. However, one of the couple’s children, who is 15, recently said publicly that her mom was abusive emotionally and verbally; she thus supported Simon. When a judge gets involved in this type of child custody case in Florida, he or she will take into consideration the children’s feelings as well as the parents’ wants when trying to decide what is in the kids’ best interests.

Source:, “Tamra Barney Battles Ex-Husband’s Vengeful Child Custody Filing, Claims Their Kids Will Develop Best If She Stays In Their Lives“, Amber Ryland, April 28, 2014