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Teen accused of juvenile crimes after hand sanitizer prank

Teenagers are notorious for doing any number of foolish acts, including pulling pranks, in order to make others laugh. Unfortunately, these acts and pranks can sometimes be potentially harmful either to the teenager or to the person who is getting pranked, and the teen may not realize that at the time. One such prank gone wrong recently occurred in Florida, and the teen is now facing criminal charges for his alleged juvenile crimes.

In an apparent effort to make the rest of the classroom laugh, one Walton County sophomore decided to prank his teacher. As part of this prank, the 15-year-old put some hand sanitizer in his teacher’s Diet Coke. Unfortunately, the teen did not seem to know that ingesting hand sanitizer could be potentially poisonous, and the teacher became sick and had to be transported to an area hospital.

While the teacher is now reportedly fine, the student was arrested and charged with a first-degree felony for supposedly attempting to poison the teacher. He has also been suspended from his high school and faces expulsion. Officials from the teen’s school in Walton County have stated that he only wanted to pull a prank and never intended for the teacher to get sick.

Even though it seems as if the Florida teen had no intention of harming the teacher, he was charged with a felony offense for juvenile crimes. However, many factors can play into an accused individual’s criminal defense. For example, if this is the teen’s first criminal offense, if he truly did not intend to hurt his teacher and if he shows remorse for his actions in court, it is likely that leniency could be given in his case. Nevertheless, the protection of his rights is of the utmost importance as the criminal proceedings move forward. Moreover, prosecutors must still prove the allegations in court and establish that the facts presented constitute a violation of the statute charged.

Source: The Huffington Post, Student Poisons His Teacher’s Diet Coke: Police, No author, March 13, 2014