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The emotional facets of divorce

Some Florida residents may be interested to learn of a recent article discussing the often unconsidered effects divorces can have on families. According to its author, some experts in divorce mediation believe that while physical divorce can be a relatively brief process, most divorces undergo a far more prolonged period of emotional divorce that can create unforeseen obstacles for those involved. This process of emotional divorce, the author says, can be complex and could last as long as a lifetime. One spouse’s participation in a divorce is involuntary in 75 to 90 percent of the time. The article posits that when the divorce begins, the disputing couple could be at one of several different possible stages of divorce.

In the first stage, the deliberation stage, one spouse feels unhappy in some way. This is followed by the much more familiar litigation stage in which actual proceedings are begun. Parenting plans govern the third stage. According to the article, 10 to 15 percent of divorces involve custody disputes. After these stages comes a post-divorce stage in which both couples often still maintain some form of relationship or contact while simultaneously attempting to act in their own best interests and perhaps those of their children.

The article’s discussion of emotional divorce may well serve to emphasize why so few divorces are amicable. In addition to the emotional stress and financial challenges brought about by property division and other such disputes, separating couples must often navigate an interwoven maze of unfulfilled needs and desires that threaten the possibility of extracting a beneficial settlement.

For these and other reasons, couples in the midst of a divorce may benefit from having an attorney acting as an objective mediator throughout their dispute. Mediation may better allow both parties to exercise an active voice during the proceedings and prevent either one from feeling marginalized.

Source: The Hays Daily News, “Process of divorce can leave families in limbo at times“, January 13, 2014