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Woman arrested for violating domestic violence injunction

A woman was arrested recently on charges that she violated a court ordered injunction mandating that she keep a certain distance away from her ex-boyfriend. The ex filed for the injunction after the woman allegedly committed acts of domestic violence. The 32-year-old Florida middle school math teacher was arrested for violating the injunction, and she is currently in police custody in the Land O’Lakes jail.

On Jan. 28, the woman reportedly went to her ex-boyfriend’s house without an invitation. When he refused to let her in, she began beating on the windows and doors of the house. The ex’s two children were inside the residence. The ex went outside to tell her to leave, and then he claimed that the woman chased him on foot. He then alleged that she purportedly attempted to chase and hit him with her car.

This was allegedly not the first time she had acted violently; she was also accused of damaging his vehicle with a screwdriver in September. She reportedly violated the injunction when she allegedly followed the ex in her car. She supposedly violated the injunction a second time when she drove within 500 feet of his residence. Her position at the school is questionable after the arrest.

Possibly the most troubling aspect of this case is that it seems to be a case of “he said, she said,” where it is his word against hers. If the ex is the only witness to this alleged domestic violence incident, it could be difficult for Florida prosecutors to produce enough evidence to secure a guilty verdict if the case does go to trial. If prosecutors cannot meet their burden of proof, then the charge against the woman may ultimately dropped due to insufficient evidence.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, Chasco Middle teacher arrested in domestic violence case, Alex Orlando, Feb. 11, 2014