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Woman enlists help securing child support enforcement

There are some people who choose to have a child, knowing that they will likely raise the child on their own. The majority of parents have an expectation of support, even if that assistance is only financial, when raising a child. Unfortunately, people’s plans for the future go awry sometimes, and even though a family court may have ordered child support payments, some people fail to meet this responsibility. In a case that may interest parents as far away as Florida, one woman took extreme and unique measures to obtain the child support payments owed concerning the care and wellbeing of her daughter.

The woman claims that she has tried to obtain the child support payments for over 19 years. With the help of a television show, she devised a plan to lure the man back to her state. The man was told that there was a role for him starring in a movie with Jennifer Aniston.

When he arrived in Pennsylvania from Hawaii, authorities were waiting for him. He was handcuffed and arrested before he could exit the plane. After 42 days in jail, he pleaded guilty to charges related to his failure to pay child support. The man was ordered to serve 90 days of probation and pay the almost $33,000 he owes in missed payments. He was reportedly the first person to be arrested under Pennsylvania’s new law that makes it illegal for a person to move out of state to avoid making child support payments.

Some people in Florida, especially those with children, know what it is like to have trouble making ends meet due to extenuating circumstances. However, when a parent fails to make a court-ordered child support payment, a child may suffer, and the parent-child relationship could potentially be damaged. Many judges will take a substantial change in circumstances, such as the loss of a job, into consideration if a parent requests a child support modification. Communicating financial struggles with the court could help one avoid jail time or other serious ramifications.

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